No child left behind

November 5, 2008

Its about people giving children education in the nata village.

We all know that not all of the people that live there is rich. and so not all parents can do a lot for there chlidren.

poor people :[


Farming Innovation in a slum

September 24, 2008

Kibera is earths largest slum. There is raw sewage that goes above ground.  Some people find it a bit hard to survive but they find there ways. Some people would pick vegies from there garden to feed his family or sell. There would be lots of trash and garbage in the land so they would have to clean up and farm. It is very hard because they would make scare crows to keep the birds away.

Weight station

September 19, 2008

In the Nata village the clinic makes sure that the children’s parents look after them. Every month one of the parents needs to take there children to the clinic and have the clinic weight there child. If the child is in good health the clinic will send them a basket full of food.

The I-Pod

September 16, 2008

The I-pod reaches its evolutions of its time. The first mini I-pod was released in January, it was the heaviest and it lasts of 8 hours of battery.Also you can watch movies in that heavy I-pod.

Then after some long wait in 2005 the I-Pod nano came. It was way smaller then the1st I-pod. It cant let you watch movies but it can hold more songs.

After some more wait a new I-pod nano was born.  The third model and its more shorter and more square then the other two. It looked way more amazing and it has more features and is now available for scrolling. It also had more different colors then the rest. It will shuffle your playlist when you shake it wich it very cool. There will surely be more to come that will surpass this I-pod.

Hello world!

September 9, 2008

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